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As NC Fusion continues to go after its mission to create intentional experiences through sport to positively impact people for life, the club has partnered with Working with Parents in Sport to provide an incredible resource for parents to equip them on their child’s sports journey.

Sports Parenting can be one of the most challenging parental journeys, there is no such thing as a perfect sports parent.

There is very rarely a one size fits all approach and yet there are so many things for us to navigate as parents in order to give our young sports people the very best support that we can.

This book explores the sports parenting journey and the different stages our children will go through.

It provides opportunities for reflection, explores different scenarios you may encounter and offers a range of tools and strategies that you can experiment with.

We want your child to reach their potential both in and out of their sport and want you to be able to enjoy it, guiding and encouraging them whilst setting them up for success in whatever walk of life they may end up in.

Ultimately without you we don’t have youth sports and we felt it was time to acknowledge and support the amazing sports parents out there.

The book features a host of interviews with Olympians, professional sportsmen and women, junior athletes and their families who all share their personal experiences of being involved in the sporting journey.

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